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Training Times

The Gilfach Goch Karate Club has students from 5 years old to 45 years old and every age bracket in between! New (and old!) students are always welcome and parents are encouraged to join in on the fun.  If you’re just dropping the kids off every week, why sit on the side lines, get your shoes off and step on the mat, you might surprise yourself.

Training is aimed at the level of the student and instructors group students into separate classes according to ability. Training is challenging but is always fun! Karate helps develop Self Defence, Confidence, Flexibility, Strength, Fitness, Respect, Determination and Competitive Spirit.

Students who wish to train must be members of the Bushi Kai Association for insurance purposes.  The cost of a license is £20 renewed annually and every student must sign their licence promising to use Karate only in defence of themselves or others.

However, the Club allows everyone who is interested to join a couple of training sessions to give it a go, before applying for a license and become a Welsh Bushi Kai member.
Students train to a set syllabus where techniques must be mastered to progress through the grades.  Junior students usually grade every four months, these gradings become less frequent as the syllabus becomes more technical and challenging.  Although grading is a good way of encouraging a students’ growth it is not essential, some students train just for the training itself and not to further the colour of their belt.

We practice twice a week in the Gilfach Goch Community Center

Tuesday 19.00 - 20.30
Thursday 19.00 - 20.30

The Training fee is only £3.00 per session!