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Karate belts are used to indicate when a student has been promoted to the next level.

Improved Karate technique and deeper knowledge of the 3 elements of Kihon (basics), Kata (form) and Kumite (sparring) needs to be shown before the next Karate level can be awarded. The Grading Table is just an indication when a student can grade to the next level.

To advance to a new Karate level, the Karate belt holder takes a formal test called a Karate grading examination.
Within "Grading" the student have to perform all tasks within his syllabus.

The Welsh Bushi-Kai has a fully structured grading syllabus for each and every grade, from beginner to senior grade.
Our grading syllabus incorporates all aspects of Wado Ryu Karate, covering Basic Techniques, Combination Techniques, Kata and Blocks (Sanbon, Ohyo and Kihon Kumite).
Students, as they progress through their grades, will be required to demonstrate their proficiency at Free Fighting. (Jiyu Kumite).
There are three levels of gradings held throughout the year. General Kyu Gradings (beginner to 4th Kyu) are held every 4 months, Brown Belt Gradings are held every 6 months as are our Black Belt (Dan) Gradings.

After passing the Grade the student will be able to purchase a higher ranking belt.

There are no Shortcuts in Karate, every Grade has to be earned!