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Everyone starts with a white Belt


9th Kyu (Red Belt)

3 Months

8th Kyu (Yellow Belt)

4 Months

7th Kyu (Orange Belt)

4 Months

6th Kyu (Green Belt)

4 Months

5th Kyu (Blue Belt)

4 Months

4th Kyu (Purple Belt)

4 Months

3rd Kyu (Brown Belt)

2nd Kyu (Brown Belt)

1st Kyu (Brown Belt)

6 Months

6 Months

6 Months

1st Dan (Shodan) (Black Belt)

9 Months

(min age, 10 years)


To ensure that our students progress in Karate to the high standard that we require, there is a set minimum time interval between grades built in to our grading criteria.
Our Instructors are very experienced and are fully aware that not all students will progress at the same rate as they learn the art of Karate and accordingly a student is only put forward to take a Grading examination at the discretion of their Club Instructor.

Students will be assessed by their Club Instructor not only on their karate ability. but also on their attitude, commitment and discipline in the dojo environment, before allowing them to grade.
There are no short cuts in Karate, all grades have to be earned and our grading criteria ensures that students who progress to senior grade within the Welsh Bushi-Kai have the necessary skills, attributes and experience required by a true Karate-Ka.