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The Gilfach Goch Karate Club (GGKC) was opened in March 2003. Training sessions running every Tuesday and Thursday evening. Numbers at the club quickly picked up with students from all ages (5 - 45yrs). coming through the doors.

The club is a member of the Welsh Bushi Kai Karate Association, one of Wales oldest and most successful associations. This gives the Club and its members affiliation to the WKGB - Welsh Karate Governing Body (the only Karate Body recognized by the Sports Council of Wales).
The Club Instructors have WKGB recognized coaching certificates, first aid qualifications, safeguarding Children certificates and an enhanced CRB check.

Sensei Grant Hole (2nd Dan) has been training Karate for nearly 10 Years. He is the Instructor for the Gilfach Karate Club. Grant also trains in other Dojos within the association to keep fit and updated. His dedication to Karate reflect back on his whole Family, as his children Nick, Becky and Tom are also black belts and his Wife Liz does the Administration for the Club.


Modern day Karate is now more of a sport than a way of life, but lessons learnt in the Dojo such as respect, hard work, dedication, self-determination and friendship are still applicable in everyday life. Some students train to for fitness or for self-defence purposes, others train to improve confidence and gain self-respect, but also have fun whilst doing so. Over the years Karate has branched into many different styles but all of these fundamentals have remained constant throughout.   


Our style of Karate is Wado-ryu (和流). The name Wadō-ryū has three parts: Wa, dō, and ryū. Wa means "harmony," dō means "way," and ryū means "style." Harmony should not be interpreted as pacifism; it is simply the acknowledgment that yielding can be more effective than brute strength. A key principle in Wadō-ryū is that of Tai Sabaki, meaning "body-management," and refers to body manipulation to move the defender as well as the attacker out of harm's way. The way to achieve this is to move along' or ‘move away’ from your opponents centre line rather than opposing his movement, moving with your opponent  instead of against him, i.e. in harmony with him


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